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Registered: 2 Jul 2016, 7:36 pm

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    • thank you so much!! they look great : )

    • OMG!!! A fellow Blue Exorcist! And your Furry villagers are so cute! That, and you seem like a really cool guy, so I hope that we can be friends at some point in this Furry world's life~

    • To be indulging in such things means to be human I suppose.

    • I envy them sometimes. Just for a little bit. But then I remember enough reasons not to envy them.

    • ... oyu have a deal

    • My favorite demon ever, I have a plush of your dog form

    • aw thanks!! i've tried to be a little more social on this site since i saw so many nice people on the forums, so i guess i got a little more recognizable than i thought in the process!

    • youb got me interested,, alrighr alright hiw many snacks will u give?

    • What can I say, humans make for fascinating entertainment, so we share a passion in watching them go about their lives and trials, haha.

    • thank you so much aaa!! (i almost said 'me too' about naruto but i caught myself....) also I like your profile too! your page looks really sleek!

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