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    • Thank you! I love your CSS and you're so kind!

    • This CSS is amazing!

    • I absolutely love your profile! so pretty <3

    • I love your profile so much, and thank you for pinging me on the thread! That really made my day~

    • Love your profile

    • nice profile. how very GREEN of you


      that's not funny i'm sorry i'll go now

    • Thank you so much ;u; I'm in love with your css. Your devotion for the color green is very admiring! Thyme is quite delighted to have been complimented <3

    • Oh man. *Cracks knuckles* Let me pull out my list. xD I definitely recommend MissAlavesa, Actaeon, countessem TheDragonEmperor, Fantastea, dragonNMR, Aevios, Hexephra, lesatho... There's SO MANY I love. The first two are my best friends and Actaeon actually has a FV - Voiddancer (my only friend on here) and the third one is my girlfriend. I can collect an actual list of them if you're really interested, and message it to you? I have a ton of art on my dragons that you're welcome to look through and pick examples of that you like! My link is here: http://flightrising.com/main.php?p=lair&id=51510 So if you'd like to just look at the art in the biographies. Any that isn't labeled I can tell you about. :3 Lorien and Valor have the most art so far but the others are definitely coming close. xD

      Also please don't be sorry abotu rambling! I love talking to people, so please feel free to ramble at me as long as you'd like! :3

    • If you had Flight Rising - I'm not sure so I'm not going to assume! - I could recommend a few wonderful artists for you! I've ordered so much art from them, they're probably so tired of me. Lol! If you have any artists you would recommend, please do share! I love ordering art. :3

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