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User ID: #55445
Username: occultApathetic
Gender: Non-Binary
Last Online: 3 Jun 2020, 2:53 am
Registered: 5 Jul 2016, 9:43 pm

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You step under the rather abused looking archway that marks the beginning of the sub-village. A rusty sign on the top of it reads, "Frosty Glades Peak." At first glance, the place seems rather empty, though the longer you look, the more you notice. Houses are practically growing out of the snowed in hills, and animals are milling about, doing their respective jobs.

You wonder who you'll meet first.


Ryn | Non Binary | They/Them

Hey! I'm Ryn and welcome to the sub village, affectionately known as A Cold breath of Hell, by it's most grumpy member, Bramble!
I'm always open for trades for things that you can only find in TigerEye Peak! I'll buy you a shifty morphing recipe in exchange for recipes from your village for sure! I'm all about collecting those.

I'm currently working on mastering all of the medicines with my doctor character, Seraphine! If you need a medicine from TEP, let me know. I need the practice for sure.
Currently Mastered: All from TEP

My major obsession at the moment is buying characters. My toyhou.se is about to be flooded. Literally come to me with any and all character offers. Please.

Toyhou.se | Tumblr | Deviantart | Flightrising

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    • Stop looking at my panties desu

    • Thank you for the seeds! :3

    • No problem! I don't need anything in return, but if you feel the need to return the favor, I'm always hoarding wood and ice chisels!

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