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User ID: #56244
Username: Akili_Li
Last Online: 4 Feb 2017, 9:08 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 12:08 am

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was gone for a while, still figuring out all the updates, sorry for long silence!
Puff is my only villager with a House. I'll try to return any visits. (Not that I'm sure exactly what they do, but...)
Is everyone else addicted to these hot cocoa fairies?

NTS: send CelestialPancake 1 m/f pair of beta bugs w/ all breeds left (when have)

NTS2: www.furvilla.com/dailies is how to see daily log-in streak.

Villagers 40

Comments 101

    • You're welcome :D Not in need of anything particularily, I just enjoy having new seeds in my seed book for now~

    • ohhh well thank you!!!

      I will toss some rare ones at you as soon as I get a bunch :)

    • Sweet! Sounds great, so any 6 uncommon seeds and one rare seed will do for me :)

    • well I could use some rare seeds, or uncommon ones, I have the following I can swap out : Iceberries Seed x3, Icehands Seed x3, and one Frostplant Seed (rare)

    • Nope just any thing you want! I do a 1 to 1 seed trade if thats ok! I have 23 bellflower seeds left.

    • Ah, alright then. I'm still working on the Super rare ones myself. I've bought some of the ice and ocean seeds, so I have a bit of mastery on them. Thank you very much once again. I'll see you in 18 minutes then!

    • Your welcome! I am always open for swaps too! Just let me know if you ever want too :)

    • That's very sweet of you ^^ Would you like some seeds from Dragonsmaw then?

    • Thank you very much ^^ I haven't gotten any seeds from Foxbury yet(well, before this)

    • thanks for purchasing <3

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