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User ID: #56244
Username: Akili_Li
Last Online: 4 Feb 2017, 9:08 pm
Registered: 6 Jul 2016, 12:08 am

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was gone for a while, still figuring out all the updates, sorry for long silence!
Puff is my only villager with a House. I'll try to return any visits. (Not that I'm sure exactly what they do, but...)
Is everyone else addicted to these hot cocoa fairies?

NTS: send CelestialPancake 1 m/f pair of beta bugs w/ all breeds left (when have)

NTS2: www.furvilla.com/dailies is how to see daily log-in streak.

Villagers 40

Comments 101

    • This was the Bat I was talking to you about - a flipping Villager!!
      Told you it would take me ages to start figuring out this site :D

    • Yes, just the blueprints! Thank you so much!

    • In the stalls is fine! I'll start putting in the doctor recipes. :)

    • One each of all of them! So I'll take: Wooden Shield Schema (500 FC), Steel Shield Schema (1000 FC), Steel Sword Schema (1000 FC), Elaborate Sword Schema (500 FC), and Bone Helmet Schema (1000 FC). Quetzal doctor recipes cost 100 FC each, so I can give you all 5 doctor recipes for the Wooden Shield Schema, and then just pay FC for the rest, if that works for you?

    • I have all the medicine recipes, but I could use the blacksmith, tailor, and crafter ones! :) I can pay with FC or trade you anything from Quetzal Palace, if you need anything. Thanks!

    • I believe repairing is dependent on the item in particular and the percent of remaining durability, though it may be the number of lost durability instead of percent of remaining durability. I haven't been able to check or test that sort of thing out myself yet though.

    • How'd you get so many Villagers in such a short time! :D

    • Well I only joined 3 days ago, I haven't had the time besides commission work to really work on them yet. But I'll get there! ^_^ Thank you for the compliment.

    • ^_^ shame I can't have more then 10, I am quiet the OC-holic. <3 Thank you for feeding my addiction.

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