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Username: Retrosaurus
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 4:00 pm

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✩ Hey hey! I'm lewis, it's a grand pleasure to meet you. Im just a dude who likes to do furry art and talk to people! Feel free to ask me anything! I adore plants, ghosts, bears, retro stuff, cartoons, games, 1950's-1980's fashion and bottles!!! (PLEAsE gET ME POTION BOTTLES) I hope you have a fantastic time around here!✩

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    • I'm sorry that the quality's poor... I don't have the means to make digital art right now, and my phone camera's not-so-awesome. >.>'


    • Fruit Cup is THE cutest name ever. o3o

      I can only do traditional art right now, but I'd love to draw one of your sonas. :3 Whichever one you'd like or you feel doesn't have enough fan art works for me! :P

    • How am I supposed to draw your fursona for free when there's no reference or link to them? T_T (unless it's glaringly obvious somewhere and I've just completely missed it, because I'm really good at doing that. >.>')

    • Thank you so much!!!

    • Wow friend! i like to talk to people, cartooons, games , and retro stuff. Most notably the victorian age and steampunk ha ha. dont mind me, im just going from account to account via other peoples comments, ha ha.

    • Sorry, not really looking to trade for items unless you have decorated snowpets.

    • Hah, thank you. I thought I was doing well on Steel Blocks, but the shields cost 25 steel blocks and I find myself running out quickly. If you have an interest in Knotted Shields, do tell me, I'm pretty much mass producing them now.

    • Thank you so much for the gift!! :'>

    • Thank you so much! Using the plushie on my baby Lonnie, aaa he's so adorable!! <33

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