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User ID: #74307
Username: MantisFace
Gender: Demiboy
Last Online: 17 Apr 2017, 7:50 pm
Registered: 9 Dec 2016, 10:25 pm

Profile description

I'm just a 20 year old trans demiboy

I collect everything, it's kind of a problem.

I'm into videogames, cooking shows, art, social justice, and a bunch of other stuff

Talk to me folks! Check out my villagers' profiles! Leave a comment! Please! I'm so lonely!

I need seeds and recipes from towns other than Quetzal Palace, just let me know if you want to trade


Villagers 10

Comments 29

    • lmao your credit in your signature still lists me as tigers eye peak and im laughin

      F A K E N E W S™

    • Sounds good! I'll send over a PM containing my seeds with their rarities as well! <3

    • Also, I got a TON of seeds from Olde Foxbury, If you'd like I could trade you some in exchange for some seeds from Quetzal Palace? I might be able to get my hands on a few recipe's too ^^

    • thank you! I actually got the CSS for free on one of the forums ^^ It was a really cool one so i decided to use it, The coder is Reav.

    • thank you for compliment sob I try with the art, I try. so much in student loan debt also, that helped

    • thank you for pinging me in fave artist thread ahhh hugs 4 u (i'm a guy tho ahah)

    • That sounds like the dream ;; I really want a ferret but my current living situation doesn't really allow for one. I have a rat, but I actually just put out an advert that she is for free to a good home. Unfortunately, I am allergic to her even though I wasn't allergic to any of the other four I've owned u-u'

    • Haha, yeah! ^w^/ It makes me happy every time I see it. How could you not be after all the bouncing?

    • Thank you so much for the hot cocoa fairies, those are definitely very useful to me ;; I hope it's not weird to admit I teared up a bît haha, I just get emotional when people are kind to me.
      Hey I see you need non-QP seeds, since I just moved to TEP from there I'll send you some <3

    • Thank you for the house repair O:

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