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User ID: #1949
Username: Zhampy
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 31 May 2021, 11:20 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:17 pm

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Welcome to Satorl Village, a place of perpetual night. The native denizens of Satorl are all dark creatures with glowing features largely of a blue hue. Anyone is welcome to settle in Satorl so long as the glowing fauna and flora of the surrounding landscape is respected.

Hey, i'm Zhampy!
I'm largely a furry and Pokemon artist!
You can find me on these sites.
If you ever want to chat drop me a message!

FurAffinity | Toyhouse
deviantART | Tumblr | Weasyl
FurryNetwork | Twitter | Flight Rising


- Many Aquatic Costumes <3
- Magical animal husbandry powers >:(
- Animals not in menagerie
- Plushies!
- A house!
- Sheep/Goat villagers!!

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    • Thankyou for your purchase! c:

    • You're welcome
      I just thought it might be a nice thing to do

    • djfnksbcjsjd You didnt have to pay me back!!! QwQ Buck thank you!! <3

      Merry Christmas <3

    • No problem! And I agree- it's so cute ^_^

    • Wow...You played this game so early... I just arrived here and spelt my name wrong;w;

    • Zhampy? Zhampy on FR?:O

    • Thank you, anon :DDD

    • its my sisters favourite game, too!! ive only played some of it, but my sister talks about it enough for me to get the jist of it. i loooooooove the ost tho!! my sister can play leen's love on the piano and its so good gosh dang..... the songs "Mullen", "Duel with Gadwin", and "Prayers of Gumbo" are my faves though


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