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Username: Pyon
Registered: 7 Dec 2016, 12:15 pm

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I'm Pyon (pie-on), feel free to call me Pyon, Pyonnie, or Pie! I love collecting cool IDs and all things birds <3



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    • Is flower a Bambi reference? :O

    • No problem! ^^ I like crediting people properly!

    • I've credited you for the base, but I didn't know you also made Marshmallow's paintie. Thank you for letting me know! ^^

    • You're very welcome. My computer has a Dyslexia font and I had tried a plugin to rewrite the font but it didn't work. Maybe chrome has a plugin to make zooming easier? >< Sorry I don't know anything about chrome. Do wish you luck on-site navigating!

    • If you have firefox, you can also hold control and scroll in with the mouse wheel to zoom in, but the text can still be a little hard to read. In particular, the numbers. So yush, notebook! I think google chrome can do it as well but I don't know how. ><

    • -Hugs and noms on- I do it, a lot. I have Word open full time to read stuff.

    • *slides in* you cool

    • Oh! My bad, sorry for the bother ^^

    • Will do. Also I love the bird gifs in your profile. XD

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