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User ID: #65128
Username: jesse0319
Gender: Male
Last Online: 27 Dec 2019, 5:52 pm
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 5:59 pm

Profile description

I play many games, and go by Jesse0319 on most of them! Feel free to message me here or on any of these if you wanna chat about them! :D

Games I Play:
- Flight Rising
- Pokefarm Q
- Subeta Pets
- Guild Wars 2 (jesse.3680)
- Minecraft
- Pokemon TCGO
- Pottermore (when it was good...)

Other interests:
- Everything Poke'mon
- Drawing
- Harry Potter
- Horror Films
- Proud Furry <3

by DaDeer

FD - Painties
FC - Villager slots, Shop upgrades
Pets (1 of every kind/sex for Menagerie)
Recipes from other villages - weapons/armor, potions, medicine (want to master them all)
Seeds from other villages - want to master them all
Diver Costume - for Denver

Villagers 22

Comments 48

    • i saw your art thread and i just wanna say you're an amazing artist!

    • D: OMG THANK YOU !!!! ;w; <3333

    • Indeed I will once I'm able to get all of the appearances together. I'm glad you've found it useful

    • I'm sorry but I don't have an AH anymore. I gave up on breeding pets lol Good luck to you!

    • Not every one of them were ready to breed, so I just bred the ones that were ready to breed today. Hope that was ok!
      Merry Christmas btw!

    • Ready to take them whenever! Just send them over! I'll probably need about 6 extra stables, so if you can send those over as well, that'd be great

    • I do! I just need to set an AH villager as worker. How many do you need bred?

    • Hello! I believe you were mistaken... its 200k FC for a fullbody; 80k FC is for coloured headshots :)

    • No problem <3

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