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Username: SamanthaTheWolf
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Last Online: 22 Nov 2019, 10:23 am
Registered: 10 Jan 2017, 6:09 pm
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HIII!!! I am 13 and love the furry subculture <3 Im not a suiter, but intend on becoming one in the very near future, aka when i get enough money/a debit card. I am in love with Dutchies and i do indeed have a senpai. If you ever want to feel loved, if people judge you for being a furry, just know you have thousands of brothers and sisters. And I'm here for you. Family isn't about bloodline, its about people who will love you through thick and thin, will care about you no matter what, and will be there for you. They are the people who will cry with you, and aren't perfect. Nobody's perfect. But everybody is loved. You are loved. Loved by me. Loved by the rest of your furry family. Loved by your blood family. I love you all!

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    • Heya! Sorry to say but the HP humans and furries discord/forum is no longer active, it never really picked up lmao. There's a possibility that I'm going to open up a HP human/kemonomimi roleplay and see if that drums up more interest than the first idea but that's not until after I'm finished college in the next three weeks. I'm still perfectly happy to be friends though! c:

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    • Ok I admit I kinda also ship Mira and Samantha XD

    • Thanks for all of those seeds! I can't find them that much, I usually get around 10 a day. Thanks again ahhh

    • Eep! I'm glad you like my h3l70. ^_^ the answer to that would be based on how closely the villager you make resembles him, appearance and story-wise ... please could you run them by me via pm so I can check they're not too similar first? <3
      Either way, thanks for asking; I respect that!

    • Thank you!! <33
      Samantha is so adorable, I love her eyes and color scheme!!!

    • Gah thanks for holding them!

    • Ooo that's cool! Iirc, okami means wolf? My Japanese is a bit rusty, used to take it as an after school class some years ago. I can still read kataksna and hiragana, but I've forgotten what most things mean... ^^;;;

    • OML THANK YOU!! I absolutely love the bell cat design!

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