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User ID: #65128
Username: jesse0319
Gender: Male
Last Online: 27 Dec 2019, 5:52 pm
Registered: 7 Jul 2016, 5:59 pm

Profile description

I play many games, and go by Jesse0319 on most of them! Feel free to message me here or on any of these if you wanna chat about them! :D

Games I Play:
- Flight Rising
- Pokefarm Q
- Subeta Pets
- Guild Wars 2 (jesse.3680)
- Minecraft
- Pokemon TCGO
- Pottermore (when it was good...)

Other interests:
- Everything Poke'mon
- Drawing
- Harry Potter
- Horror Films
- Proud Furry <3

by DaDeer

FD - Painties
FC - Villager slots, Shop upgrades
Pets (1 of every kind/sex for Menagerie)
Recipes from other villages - weapons/armor, potions, medicine (want to master them all)
Seeds from other villages - want to master them all
Diver Costume - for Denver

Villagers 22

Comments 48

    • The paintie got accepted! Thank you. I credited you on their profile. Their profile as well as the rest are still wip tho

    • So I saw on your profile that you play Pokefarm, which lead me to check it out- what's your username so I can interact with your pokemon? :D

    • Hmm, yes I'm still planning on selling it. If you're still interested, we can talk more through pm. ^^

    • any chance you'd be willing to trade that silver concoction in your stall for a few seeds or plants?

    • If you check the item museum, it'll tell you hp and dmg bonuses.

    • Aha its fine, turns out I did get your money but I was dumb and didn't look to see my total before I started .-. Thanks anyways, and hope you enjoy your shifty!

    • Well there actually isn't a button... Gosh now I feel dumb I hope I didn't lose 5k just now XD one sec, is it still in your ououtgoing trades section?

    • This may be a really dumb question.. But how do I accept a currency exchange? Like, are the funds instantly added? ;-;

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