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User ID: #70243
Username: Hymn
Gender: Female
Last Online: 14 Sep 2019, 8:14 pm
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 7:42 am

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Collection of Fairy Doodles
(I'm sorry if you're waiting on a doodle, I've been having technical difficulties. :c )
(If you really want a fairy doodle, just send me 1FC or something. I don't want to get gifts other people could be getting just cause of the art thing y'all.)

Thank you Otterpoop Anon!

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    • no problem at all :3 I'll ping you when it's open!

    • N'aw well if it's blank means plenty of room for progress c:
      And yes - it's a gorgeous sona!

      I might lurk around from time to time-
      If you don't mind, of course ~

    • Gosh!
      Your art is wonderful ♡

      //totally didn't browse your tumblr

      I also adore Eyde - so precious (`// ∀ // `)

    • Starfoxxe Thank you~ I'm trying to get off my ass and start selling some art on here, so I'll hit you up whenever that day comes around!

      (Putting this here in case you see it, since I can't comment on your page!)

    • Hymn is beautiful! If you ever take commissions in that style I would love to be notified.

    • hey,thank you so much for buying that plushie from me,that helps out a lot, as I am trying to get enough to buy a magical German Shepherd plushie so I can have a G-shep

    • I hadnt figured it out, thanks!

    • You're very welcome, it's my pleasure!

    • Anytime, and welcome to Furvilla!

    • Hello and thanks for your purchase!

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