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User ID: #70704
Username: KamiKami
Gender: Androgyne
Last Online: 15 Jan 2017, 4:10 pm
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 12:48 pm

Profile description

I'm KamiKami.
But you can just call me Kami.
I'm not really into furries or anything but the site looked fun.
And it is!

I'm not the greatest at chatting,
But I do try.

Likes: video games, anime/manga, cats, drawing

My profile is under construction.
So excuse the weird coding.

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Comments 8

    • Thank-you so much for the compliment on Egg! <3 (Love your space theme btw ;D space buddies~)

    • Oh? I think I made an account on there.
      But I'm mostly on here nowadays and then check out Menewsha occasionally. x'3
      Getting tons of lovely art on here~ > u<

    • Oh goodness, thank you!! I really appreciate that qvq

    • thanks for the nice comment! ;u; it still needs a bit of work but i've been too lazy, aheh.

    • Feel like I haven't been on Syn in forever. x'3
      I'm doing good~ Still addicted to art. > u>;

    • Oh, hey. O: Nice to see another Mene user on here~

    • Name definitely sounds familiar~ o:
      Thanks for the comment on Illian~ > u< <3

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