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Username: Mononoke
Gender: Female
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 10:40 pm

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hey~ i'm naners.

most of my interests lie in digital art, web and graphic design, animanga, video games, japanese folklore, and writing... nerd?
i'm mostly a lurker but if you ever feel like chatting, have some questions about the game or anything really, feel free to message me!

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    • It’s totally cool, I had to double check myself to make sure I’d accepted it. There really should be some indicator for what step of the process it’s on instead of just saying pending. Thank you for trading with me. ^^

    • Heyo! Tossed the breeding potion your way, tell me if you need them in the future! ^v^ And ah, feel free to wait and send me a leoclaw whenever--I don't mind a wait. XD I'm thinking I'll just be attaching one to my warrior princess big cat Taj -laughs- so I don't mind missing the breeding period etc~ Just whatever whenever ^3^

    • thanks for the battle!! your profile css is lovely.

    • your css, username and forum setup is amazing aaa ;w;

    • thank you guys. c: y'all are so nice.

    • your profile is so cool!

    • Mononoke is wonderful.
      Great taste! ^^

    • mononoke is one of my favorite shows and it's such a pleasant surprise when i find someone else who likes it you've got good taste bud

    • Im dead over your forum set up, the icon and gif sig are beautiful~

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