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Username: Lapin
Gender: Female
Last Online: 13 Feb 2021, 12:57 pm
Registered: 3 Jan 2017, 12:56 pm

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I'm Lapin, but you can also call me Bunny.

I am still editing my stuff, but feel free to poke me about anything,
I love chatting with people and making friends!

Villager profiles are a work in progress. Any art on their profiles is made by me, and the css was learned from the help section and the furvilla CSS guides in the forums. c:

I'm a lazy artist and still new to furvilla pls go easy on me. ( ᐛ )


The Region

The name Baile or Amaranthine is given to the large
region composed of abundant forests, hills and
mountainsides that are mysteriously acessible
only for those "invited" to enter its grounds.

The first name, Baile, is more commonly attributed due
to engraved runes found in certain stones by the first
outsiders to explore the region. It became more
popular within the years and more commonly used
by the residents.
Amaranthine on the other hand, is seen as an archaic
name, and mainly used by those whose origins
are the woods of same name, like sentient creatures,
animals, individuals, and sometimes monsters.

Pendulum Village

Just recently founded in a collective agreement by
the residents who were brought into Baile,
Pendulum village's buldings and houses are mostly
unusually scattered around the woods, glades
and hills.

The village receives its name due to the large
pendulum clock-tree found in one of the central
glades. It serves as a landmark and commerce area,
since most shops can be found there.


This works more as a personal checklist of the
things I still need to grab around. lol




893-magic-garnet-gembound-plush.png 889-magic-blue-topaz-gembound-plush.png


Birthday: October 28th ♏

Mail: Always open!
Friends: Tell me why you would like to add me (maybe? por favor? idk)

Currently Playing: Warframe


Stuff I like

Too much to add, will add just a few. But basically I am A-ok with a great variety of things. Test me. lol

General: Anime, Art, Horror/Rpg Maker/
Immersive games, Music, Petsites, Roleplay,

Animals: Rabbits, Deers, Owls, Horses

Color Combo: White & Red

Games: The Legend of Zelda, Castlevania, Silent Hill, Fire Emblem, Harvest Moon, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, Witcher, Pokémon, Stardew Valley,

MMOs¹: Alicia Online, Archeage, Ragnarok Online, Warframe

Music: Most of all genres, it depends on the song really. Electronica is ❤ tho. :D

1. May have played those at some point, but not actively playing all of them.

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    • oh, yes, i am indeed. greetings.

    • Thank you for donating some shields! I love seeing high durability stuff in the tree! Helps a lot!! ^_^

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