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User ID: #71940
Username: Sinilon
Gender: Male
Last Online: 22 Aug 2020, 9:00 am
Registered: 8 Dec 2016, 7:05 pm

Profile description

Name: Shiro
Age: 21
Birthday: Novemebr 10
Gender: Agender
Pronouns: They/Them or He/Him
Likes: Tea, sweets, quiet
Dislikes: Noise, coffee, light
Other: Poly, Gay, Ace

Sorry I can get really busy @[email protected]
If you need me immediately my discord is: Shir√łUsagi#7807


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    • I'm always adding more if you'd like to keep an eye out. c:
      And if you ever decide to buy in bulk like that again I'll gladly give you a discount!

    • Thank you for purchasing so many minipets from my stall! <3

    • i need help posting a picture for my vista shop..........

      .......can you help please

    • what site do you use to make your vistas so that way i can make some of my own

    • how did u get that vista?

    • Thanks c:

    • *huggles* Love ya too bro! :D

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