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User ID: #80137
Username: Wusel
Gender: Female
Last Online: 24 Feb 2018, 8:35 pm
Registered: 18 Dec 2016, 1:21 pm


Profile description

Heya Im Wusel!
Im currently inactiv but maybe I will use this account again sometime in the future

But you can find me on Lioden, my ID is #111841

Villagers 10

Comments 48

    • Wusel I'm still waiting for my Carlos/Lucifer commission.

      Just a nudge, if you haven't gotten it done. or you're busy.

    • Ha, I knew you could speak German the moment I saw your signature!
      Der Wusel hat dich verraten. ;)

    • Lol I've seen one Barry, though they were made before bees were added in, now instead of Psiionic I'm gonna name it after a really obscure background character from bee movie

    • Oh dang that's pretty clever actually :oo now I'm just waiting for the influx of bee movie villagers as well lmao

    • Thank-you for the sweet comment on Egg! She's not any particular species, just my fursona c: I like to think of her as a mix between an otter, a fox, and a cat :P

    • OMG Your New Avatarrrrrrrrrrrrr Can you send me the file? I would like to keep it in a folder on my computer so I can look at it whenever~
      Lol I have a hard time letting go of ma babs~

    • Nope that's all for you!!! Saw your message saying you're saving for your paintie, so I figured as thanks for the bee potion I'd cover the difference! :) thanks again!!! I'm very happy with my buzz butt

    • @Liecient
      Yeahh I know! But so MANY feathers! D:

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