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User ID: #39646
Username: Lenden
Gender: Genderfluid
Last Online: 20 Oct 2021, 12:45 am
Registered: 3 Jul 2016, 7:43 pm

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I struggle with depression that makes me disappear for years at a time. I really appreciate those of you who miss me~

For Wishlist, please see my Active Villager, Felalalie

Thank you SO MUCH, to those who have gifted me!! I'm still around because of you~<3

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    • You'd be MUCH better off asking for help in not the anon faerie thread, and just making a new thread entirely. A quick response though, from what I know-
      -Events are confusing for a lot of people, but there's almost always a thread going during the event that serves as a guide. I highly recommend searching for those threads when a new event comes out, and following it/asking for help there/reading through it! Alternatively, there is an official FV discord which, if you can join, is apparently pretty good for keeping in the loop.
      -I'm pretty sure that no one is buying FD, hence the outrageous prices for things given it. If you see any thread that's like "[W] FD [H]___" it's almost ALWAYS offsite currency, which would leave me to believe that people are buying currency off-site or working for it there and then just trading it here--people aren't supporting the site as much, there's very little FD in the economy -> prices for any and all fd stuff is going way up, and FC is just about worthless.
      **I don't know for sure though, this is entirely just what I've noticed dhkj

      I kinda understand where you're coming from, but ever since the site got new owners, there's hope that FV will improve. I can't really say that there's much to do in-between events still, since there's still a ton of site features that need updating/renovating and the only thing on site that really has any gameplay value to most people is the warrior career--but it's unbalanced and near impossible for new players to join in on, or even casual players to join in on because of the attempts to keep it balanced for only the top-tier players in that field.

      Tl;dr make your own thread if you have concerns about this/want reasons to stay | follow threads when new event happens and watch the forums for help/guides, which always will appear | new owners, new hope that the site will go somewhere
      Hope this helps a h

    • Just a newbie passing by! Nice villagers you got there! Keep up the good work!

    • Of course we can. Nice to see you honey. <3

    • You see there is a problem with that because u cooler

    • Noo u cooler

    • binch u cool bud

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