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User ID: #81618
Username: NPC-Chester
Rank: NPC
Gender: Male
Registered: 21 Dec 2016, 7:07 pm
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Grey Tabby Cheshire Cat || He/Him || Asexual & Aromantic

Dr. Chester is what some might describe as your “typical” Cheshire Cat...And he is quite proud to be seen in this light, downright gleeful actually, but this wasn’t always the case. When Chester was young and still very sensitive to the way being a Cheshire seemed to keep him from fitting in he was pressured into a relationship by someone claiming to be able to make him “normal”. He spent far too much time listening to and living by her words, being gaslighted by this person who claimed to love him and want the best for him...Eventually that all came to an end though when Chester realized that he didn’t need to apologize for having quirks, for being strange, this so-called weirdness was who he was.

Chester left that relationship behind, embracing all that she had told him was “messed up and weird”, finding himself while also studying hard and getting his doctorate. That was the last time Chester was ever in a relationship and he honestly has no interest in ever pursuing anything like that again. He is quite happy doing his work as a Doctor and Mayor of Dragonsmaw Manor, and even more happy being unapologetically him. And if you don’t like that then feel free to show yourself right out the door because no one has time to deal with that kind of thinking around here.

Most people who have interacted with Chester would tell you that the man seems to have no idea what is going on most the time, and they would be right...He tends to do his own thing, mind everywhere all at once. Like the various missing bits of his body, it just wanders from time to time. Emotions also seem to be a foreign thing to the Doctor, whether he actually does feel anything at all is still a mystery as there is no one that knows him as well as his beloved Kritties.

Chester's family consists of 3 brothers, only one of which he still keeps in contact with, and perhaps the other Mayors, not that he is actually particularly attached to any of them in the least...But he runs across Ana the most due to his brother living in Quetzal Palace, she makes him a bit nervous, it's that glare...And Minstrel just has the most amusing reactions to his antics so during Mayoral meet ups you will often find Chester lurking somewhere near the Mouse.

My Esteemed Colleagues...
Mayor Ana
Mayor Minstrel
Mayor Octavia
Mayor Polaria

Villagers 1

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    • Hey, is feral behavior allowed in dragonsmaw? I might visit soon, and other places don't take kindly to maulings.....

    • "My dear Sir, I believe I've found a... piece... of you... in the woods while exploring. Perhaps you'd like it back?"

    • 4123-shiny-apple.png

    • Best mayor always *two thumbs way up* keep being awesome~ <3

    • Kirurik Ah, no hard feelings. Those buildings absolutely ruined my view of the woods from my balcony anyway.

    • I have not been causing too much damage to the village lately. :3 I've been on my best to help. *Flings arms out and knocks over a few buildings* >3> *Tries to fix them and watches them catch fire* >_> *Just wanders off*

    • Chester Hot as Heck

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    • Tell it to me straight, Chester. What happened? Why did you disappear?

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