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User ID: #82575
Username: CaptainAnabelle
Gender: Unspecified
Last Online: 23 Jun 2018, 2:57 am
Registered: 27 Dec 2016, 3:10 pm


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    • Haha, thank you???! you just made me remember that I actually finished it!! I just posted it back on the thread now if you wanna see it ;'))

    • Aaah, then you are much more observant than I am! Unless there's an extremely obvious typing quirk, like run on sentences, lack of punctuation, font color, etc, I can't recognize people by their average posts. Unless you mean content like, Kevin's love of placental mammals or my complete inability to write a post under a paragraph long. I recognize everyone by a delicate balance of avatar + name + past experience, which is easily toppled by people changing their names and avatars at the same time lmao

    • Kevin_Dio.png

      I feel. It usually helps when she's using her Fordian signature, with the alien holding the ray gun, but sometimes she goes mad with power and changes everything at the same time like a maniac. I cri everytiem. Meanwhile there's me, using the same username for almost 10 years and the same association with Gazimon for nearly 7.

    • Thank you for compliment c; thyme loves you~

    • I guess I would consider Shroomy to be my fursona, sure! I never really thought about it that much. I do have a badger obsession and I doodled my avatar art with a heart shaped head marking for personalization. I guess I thought of it more as a modsona specifically for this site. I try to be a good mod! I'm still learning specifically how Furvilla handles things though. Every site has a different way of working!

    • Afhsgsfsjahah ;w; this was such a nice thing to receive at work

    • I'm so sorry, I didn't read what you said about not giving pumpkins until after I clicked it. I sincerely apologize!

    • Oh jeez I had already clicked the give option when I saw like... first thing. I am really sorry about that, my bad entirely

    • Thanks so much for the plush!

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