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User ID: #92476
Username: Vertices
Last Online: 3 Oct 2019, 3:03 am
Registered: 23 Apr 2017, 3:37 am

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Welcome to this bland profile.

Seems I'm mostly just keeping to myself here.

I like rats a lot

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    • Thanks again! You're a real good sport! :''> to be honest I may stick with good karma, since I started with that and it feels sucky losing all those points >.< i may just buy the ectoplasms from stalls instead! Happy Halloween, by the way!

    • ahah well you're most welcome! :'') I try to be gentle when I handle lanterns, they're pretty heavy! Plus I'd just be putting salt in the wound if I gave you a headache on top of smashing your stuff ~ think fast, huh? eue

    • You're very welcome~ :> I've found I quite enjoy tossing candy at strangers with reckless abandon.

    • no worries, and thank you !! ^^

    • Oh hey! thank you for the lanterns!!

    • If I'm lucky I will.

      How do I tell if one's a good one or not?

    • I don't have the money for that anytime in the near future unfortunately. But hey, hopefully I can grab a good one.

    • Not really more info than I was looking for. I like robotic doggos. I had a Tekno for years before one of my friends ripped his legs off. Needless to say I stopped being friends with that person then and there. I think the i-cybie looks a lot cooler though. I might have to invest in one at some point.

    • They look cooler than tekno imo.

    • What is your profile picture? I keep wanting to say Tekno but it looks more high tech?

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