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Villager Slots and Houses

Villager Slots and Houses

By: msjanny

In order to get more villagers, you will need to unlock villager slots. The cost of these slots varies.

Slot NumberFurCoins NeededHouses Needed
10 furcoins.gifNone
2500 furcoins.gifNone
31000 furcoins.gifNone
45000 furcoins.gifNone
5 - 100 furcoins.gif1 House
11+50000 furcoins.gif1 House

Houses are items made by construction workers. They can be found in user stalls and will disappear from the inventory after being used to unlock a villager slot. If the villager slot is empty, you can retrieve the house, moving it back to your inventory. If you have more than 10 slots, and you remove a house, you will need to pay the fee again next time you expand. (You will not need to pay the fee if you replace the house instead.)

Accounts are locked to 10 worker slots at creation, but there is no cap on villager slots. There are multiple ways to get more worker slots:
  • Feeding at least 5000 FP to a villager in one month for the feast. This will give a worker slot coupon. This item is no transfer.
  • Purchasing a worker slot totem from the FurDollar Emporium.
    This item used to be awarded from the feast before February 2019 and can be transferred between accounts.
  • Being in the winning village of the food drive.
Coupons and totems permanently add one worker slot to the account, but they must be used and can only be used once. Food drive worker slots only last for the month, are awarded automatically, and do not stack. It is possible to have more workers than worker slots if the food drive slot expires.

Rounding up, houses require 1.4 wood per durability and take just as long to build. Construction workers can only build houses that match their own village. For example, if you are in Oceandome, a construction worker of yours can only build Oceandome houses.

You can only use houses native to your village. A Quetzal Palace resident, for example, can only expand with a Quetzal Palace House. All house items are listed below.

Oceandome HouseQuetzal Palace HouseOlde Foxbury HouseDragonsmaw ManorTigereye Peak House

Should you end up transferring villages, any previous houses you have used will remain. This is the only way you can have a villager occupy a house that does not correspond to their current village. However, if you'd like to replace the aforementioned house, you must replace it with a house that matches the village.

Houses and villagers be easily rearranged from the villagers page. However, note that nobody else besides you can see the order of your houses, only the villagers display order. To move a villager from a FurCoins slot to a house, you will need to have an empty slot open and transfer the villager to yourself.

Houses vary in durability depending on the skill level of the construction worker has built. They will range from 50 to 250 durability, but maximum durability can be increased ten points with a House Durability Potion. Houses occupied by active workers lose one durability point every day. Ever since the Serpent's Festival of 2018 in February, houses now will sit at 1 durability instead of breaking. Though it is no longer possible, when durability reaches zero, the villager occupying it will become inactive and unable to work, and the house breaks.

Before the house breaks, you can hire someone to repair houses at the maintenance market. You can also choose to have your own Construction Worker repair a house. Set the villager as your active, and visit the profile of the villager whose house needs repairing. There should be a "job-carpenter.pngRepair" button as shown below.


To calculate the cost to repair and base time to repair, take the number of durability points needed (44 in this case). Round that up to the nearest multiple of ten and multiple that number by 0.7 to find how much much wood and time it'll take (35 minutes and wood).