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Username: msjanny
Last Online: 19 Jan 2020, 11:22 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 3:19 pm

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i'm jess & i'm a big ole mess!
she/her | FV time | links

the chickens are married to the moon.
my links page is really fun! go check it out!

been too busy to be actively playing lately!
please find me in the official fv chat if you need me.

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art by jakdacrowe

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    • Yes I did!^^ It took me all night and all my FC but I did end up finally getting all 4 slots filled. And tysm for the wood!! <3

    • Would you trade the Rex Pal for any of the fursary items in my stall?

    • Ninjago
      welcome back!! thank you for your warm greeting!

    • MSJANNY????? my god i had been missing you and your chickens so much and i am so so glad you have returned!

    • Just wanted to say thank you before I forget! :-)

    • thank you v much <3 i never use the site n' i like this one so much already

    • !!! thank you so very very much! you are so kind! I really appreciate it! :D

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