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Username: jakdacrowe
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:05 pm

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Hello. I am Jak.

❈ Ko-Fi & Croutons for the Birb! ❈

madjackdaw @ FA - jakdacrowe @ Weasyl
majorkainmarching @ Tumblr - birdsandpaper @ Tumblr

madjackdaw [at] gmail [dot] com


♠ Weekly Commissions! ♠
✪ Free Attack Cards for FV! ✪

♞ Jak's F2U Shaded Chibis ♞
♜ Jak's Chibi Shading Services ♜


☠ Custom Items Made ☠
2993-card-sharps-deck.png 3089-crying-feather-knife.png 3515-unsettling-feathercloak.png
Card-Sharp's Deck / Crying Feather Knife / Unsettling Feathercloak

4306-seen-vintgrashe.png 4307-crowned-vintgrashe.png
Seen Vintgrashe / Crowned Vintgrashe


To-Do List;
- Profile Content for Cassern & Jasterson


Profile CSS by jakdacrowe
Card Villagers & Gallery by msjanny (thank you!)
Background from Campo Santo's "Firewatch"

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Comments 35

    • MMMMMMH I really love the art on the secret santa thingy! Thank you so much!

    • You're very welcome! I remembered seeing the ? on the villager's page so when I happened to get the event today I screencapped it for you to confirm :D

      PS Seen Vintgrashe may be my favorite battle pet. I love them both though, battle pets with abilities = <3

    • Thank you kindly! I'm printing your envelope now. Thank you for your patience. :)

    • I'm beyond ecstatic for your two new custom items. ;0;

    • your css is hella rad. especially the little card thing you have going on with your villager list.

    • Ah! Ty! That means alot coming from you!

    • Hah- oh dear! I knew they were too overpowered- if you're planning on using them in an actual game you can edit them if you'd like!

    • unknown.png
      m a t e
      i wanted food but i got this

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