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By: msjanny

Durability is the measure of how many "uses" something has. Currently, this extends to houses, stables, pots, and legacy equipment. The maximum durability of these items depends on the skill level of the villager who built them. When these objects are equipped, they will disappear from the inventory until they've been unequipped.

A single "use" varies depending on the item. House durability falls one point every day the house is occupied by an active worker. Stable durability falls one point daily when equipped to a villager. This happens shortly after rollover at midnight. Pot durability falls with every harvest. Legacy equipment cannot be used - its durability cannot fall.


The item names change color when durability falls. Normally blue, it turns green at 75% of the max, yellow at 50%, orange at 25%, and red at 0%. This is a graduated change, not an abrupt one. Please note these colors are only visible on career pages, in the inventory, and in stalls.

Should an item reach zero durability, it will break
. There is no way to repair a pot or house at zero durability since it has been effectively destroyed. Plants in broken pots will disappear, and villagers in broken houses cannot work.

Since the Serpent's Festival of 2018, houses no longer break and will instead stay at 1 durability, so you need not worry about that unless you have a house that broke before February 2018. Stables can no longer break beginning 22 August 2019, but you cannot breed, domesticate, feed, or collect animals to that stable.

However, items between zero and maximum durability can be repaired, by either by others or yourself.

To have someone else repair your objects, visit the maintenance market or the villager's career page. The market only shows residents of your village.

At the market, a  after the villager name denotes minor sickness and doubled repair times. The Repair Structure button allows you to select occupied houses and stables or pots currently equipped to your active. The Repair Item button allows you to select those that are those currently in your inventory. If the user is not available to complete a repair, you can do so yourself.

Other users whose active villagers are construction workers can also offer to repair your structures for free, no cost to you at all. You will need to accept their offer for them to begin working.

To repair your structures yourself, set a construction worker as your active villager. Visit the profile or career page of the villager with the structure equipped, and there should be a job-carpenter.png Repair button. If you want to repair items, visit the career page of your construction worker or blacksmith and Begin Repairs.

Repairs cost both materials and time. Calculations to find both are detailed in the following table. Any references to durability as a variable refer to the difference between an item's max durability and its current durability.

Repair times are reduced depending on the skill of the construction worker or blacksmith. This does not take into account any costume buffs. Each item has a minimum repair time.

Maximum durability can be increased with potions and fairies. House Durability Potions only work on houses. Item Durability Potions apply to stables, pots, and legacy equipment. Snow Festival Gingerbread Fairies work on structures, and Snow Festival Bell Fairies work on legacy equipment.

To apply these, click on them from the inventory. There will be an option to FkafiO5.png the potion.

The absolute maximum durability of an object is 2^32-1 or 4,294,967,295. Potions and fairies will have no effect after this.

House Durability
Raises maximum durability
of a house by 10.
Item Durability
Raises maximum durability
of an item by 5.
Snow Festival Gingerbread Fairy
Raises maximum durability
of a structure by 10%.
Snow Festival Bell Fairy
Raises maximum durability
of legacy equipment by 10%.

On May 6th, 2017, the combat system was updated and revamped, removing durability from equipment. Legacy equipment from the old system can be converted, and high levels of durability are rewarded as follows.
  • Items with 3x base durability will have one socket slot.
  • Items with 10x base durability will have two socket slots.
  • Items with 50x base durability will have 130% potency and all of the above.
  • Items with 1000x base durability will award the user with the Durability Star trophy and all of the above.
23-durability-star.pngThis trophy can be awarded multiple times.

Base durability
 is the maximum durability possible on an item without using consumables. This information is detailed in the table at the end of this guide.

Not all equipment can have sockets. Before committing potions or fairies, make sure to check the Item Museum. For example, the Fang Spear page does not describe how many sockets it can have - this means converting a 10x Fang Spear won't do anything. The Frozen Bone Shield page shows it can have zero to two sockets - this means converting a 10x Frozen Bone Shield will guarantee you two sockets on the item.
Legacy limited equipment will have a minimum of 130% potency when converted. If it has over 50x base durability when converted, it will have 135% potency.

Depending on rounding, the Durability Star trophies requires roughly 70 to 73 bell fairies on an item at base durability.

ItemBase DurabilityItemBase durability
Common Weapons
Common Armor
Barnacle Sword15Reef Shield15
Dragon Tooth

15Cracked Marble Shield15
Wooden Sword15Grungy Wooden Shield15
Fang Club15Haunted Pine Shield15
 Icy Sword15Frozen Stick Shield15
Rare Weapons
Rare Armor
Shark Tooth Spear200Coral Shield200
Dragon Claw Knife50Dragon Tooth Shield50
Steel Sword200Wooden Shield200
Monster Tooth Knife25Slime Shield50
Tusk Sword50Ice Shield50
Super Rare Weapons
Super Rare Armor
Narwhal Spear200Shell Shield200
Dragon Tail Sword50Dragon Scale Shield50
Elaborate Sword200Steel Shield200
Monster Claw Axe50Spider Shield50
Mammoth Tooth Hammer50Frozen Bone Shield50
Coral Sword200Underwater Helmet50
Dragon Spike Flail45Cloud Helmet25
Knotted Shield250Bone Helmet200
Dragonheart Shield75Black Slime Helmet50
Frozen Helmet50
Limited Weapons
Limited Armor
Sword of Discourse250Shield of Discourse250
Feathered Dagger50Feathered Helm100
Fang Spear100Feathered Necklace100