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The Annual Treasure Hunt

Posted by Admin-Mat on 16 Aug 2017, 12:02 pm


Octavia says:

Welcome, welcome! I'm so delighted to kick off Oceandome's unique celebration, the Annual Treasure Hunt!


Ready to get started with your treasure hunting? Get your Crafter set as your active, and head on over to the event page and pick a boat!

This is kind of a little boat though, huh? There may be sharks... you're going to need a bigger boat!


Boat items are needed to upgrade, but how do you get them, you might ask?


Some cool new recipes have shown up in your Crafter's career page (if you don't remember how to get there, click on the career shield next to your active villager!). See that treasure map in the bottom corner of the page? You're going to want to craft treasure maps to help you find the items necessary to craft your new recipes! Simple, huh?


Treasure Map Fragments are found by exploring... So be sure to get your explorers all equipped and ready to investigate every crevice and overturn every stone! Soon as you have the necessary number of Treasure Map Fragments, you'll be able to craft a Treasure Map, and then you can find boat upgrade items.


Treasure Maps are needed to find items like the above, which can be used in the Crafter recipes to create boat upgrades.

Let's see who can build the biggest boat, huh? The bigger the boat, the better the plunder!


But what are you going to do with all that plunder, you might ask? Well, aside from collecting a whole bunch of gold and simply enjoying its presence like a sea dragon, you can trade in your plunder for special event items in the Treasure Trove!


There are cool looking weapons...


Collectible boats...


Precious pets...


And many cool plushes with dazzling magical effects!

These Treasure Map and Boat Upgrade exploration events are available to all villages, so be on the look out for Treasure Map Fragments! However, that's not all that Oceandome has to offer, our villagers are quite thrilled that other new things have swum by our lovely little town!


The Shelhowl is a neat new species we've seen on the banks of Oceandome's border with the mainland. These cute little crustaceans are here to stay, so go find them out in the wild, Oceandomers!


These creatures, the Sandhoppers, have been showing up on the beaches as well. Just like the Shelhowl, these are permanently part of Oceandome.


Our reefs have come alive with new fish of many colors, notably, the Mandarinfish. Come seek some out, but no need to rush, they're here to stay!


These Dumbo Octopus can now be found permanently in the depths of our oceans. Check deep crevices and hope for the best!


Oh dear! What are these...







Oceandome has been curiously devoid of sharks over the time I have been mayor, but no more. It seems like quite a few of them are making their homes here in our delightful bubble in the water. They are a common species, and can easily be added into villages. Though if you happen to have a terrestrial village, perhaps it might be better to grow some legs...


Me, personally, I am not the biggest fond of legs. We jellyfish like the ocean currents, not the hard ground. But whatever appeals to you! One may note, though, that sharks naturally come without legs. If you want a shark with legs, you will need to obtain a potion...


The Shark Morphing Potion can be found as a permanent explore event in Oceandome. We'll figure out the recipe to craft them soon, I'm sure, but for now search the tides for the tiniest shark fins! Ahoy!

Though there is something that has come across my coral desk... a strange new species, one I have never seen before, is said to make its migration to Oceandome soon... when? Perhaps in the next week...

We have not yet received any intelligence on what they are called, though... perhaps you might be able to help? Have you heard anything?

I believe that brings us to the end of our announcement! Just a few tidbits to wrap up here...

- Some new additions to the event will launch next week, including the shark lion above!
- All materials & recipes related to the event will be removed from your account at the end of the event, except for the plunder items, which won't be able to be added to your plunder anymore, but can be kept as collectibles.
- You'll have two weeks after the event to spend any remaining plunder points before the shop is removed and the points are lost.
- To get started on the event, all you have to do is explore. Note that drop rates & prices are subject to change due to player feedback.
- If you didn't set a Crafter before selecting a boat and do not have the recipes as a result, they can be bought at The Recycling Shop
- Event ends at noon on August 31st

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    • nectar

      Click the "Furvilla" icon in the top left of the page. Should take you to the page where your point is where you can collect treasure every 2 hours. You can upgrade there as long as you have all the necessary items.

    • Is anyone else having awful luck with finding driftwood?

    • Wisteria Is this a typo ? https://prnt.sc/gcf93e The Red Wolf Cub is 100 PP and then the Mythic Wolf Cub jumps to a whopping 400 PP. I don't know what to make out of this at this point.

    • Wish I checked the comments here before buying some of the minipets with the intent to breed for the higher rarities. What a waste of points. Why the hell are they sterile?

    • Pretty annoyed the pets are sterile, whats the fun in it, give them a counter at least T_T

    • I'm so disappointed the pets are sterile.. :(
      I can't play all that much because I have exams and wanted to get 2 of each so I could breed them... :(

    • Is someone answering these questions ... Or are the answers posted elsewhere ...