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Career Change Times

Posted by Admin-Mat on 4 Jul 2016, 11:24 pm


Greetings villagers, we have changed the Career Change cooldown to two hours. This means you can now switch your villager's career every two hours, specifically at :00 on even-numbered hours. If you don't know how to change your career, please navigate to your villager's profile and click on Careers (View All).

Also, please follow us on Twitter - we tweet small updates to the game there, especially QOL changes!

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    • Tranquility Good question. I do not know the answer, but I'd imagine that everything stays like normal, and if the house durability runs out/you remove the house from the slot, THEN you'd probably need to make the house matching your current village for it to work. However, as I said, I have no idea, but this would be my guess.

    • If we change villages what happens to the villagers living in the previous village's houses? Would we need to make new houses for each of them or will they continue to use them? Also, a suggestion: since we only get one 'Move Village' maybe if you you want to switch again it'd cost FD?

    • nathanteagan Go to "User Settings" and scroll down until you see a section that says "Move Village". Keep in mind that you only can change once, so choose carefully!

    • Agh I made an annoying mistake! I was changing my town but picked the wrong town :( I saw you can only change this once, oh well. Maybe you guys should add a feature where can towns can be changed once every month or so? Just a suggestion :)

    • changing careers is great! i thought you could change towns too? i know someone who did and they tried to tell me how to do it but i cant find the option.

    • Im looking to trade FC (1000) for FD (100)! Please message me if anyone's interested!

    • awesome idea. wish everyone could always explore regularly. still great whoohoo

    • PauValenCarnerus
      look on the newbie quite, furvilla wiki and comments on newest news post, hope that helps!
      you can Pm me if you ahve any specific questions

    • i am new in this game i don't know how to advance