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Deadly Rogues Spotted in Furvilla!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 7 Mar 2023, 3:12 pm


EEK! Who the heck are those rough looking villagers? They look dangerous.

Wanted for Crimes.

Deadly Rogues
These ruffians are the Deadly Rogues, and are featured in the new Level 20 battleground of the same name. In this battleground, you will find various rare items, as well as equipment these dodgy critters have modified for nefarious uses!


Don't forget! Warriors must be at least level 20 to access this new battleground.

New Stock in the "Fair" Exchange
Our dear friend, the Traveler, has acquired new stock to help mix up your battles.

Reforged with love.

Um... sorry about the prices. The Traveler claims he has "hyena bills".

Festival News!
We are planning to restart village festivals at the end of this month with the return of the Serpent Tribute! We just need a little bit more time to put the final touches on the event, and are so excited to bring the celebrations back to Furvilla. The Serpent demands tribute!

Enjoy the fight!
- Aspen -

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    • I am excited for this

    • AAA so excited!!! I haven't played in a few years, so it's nice to come back and see festivals come back as well :]

    • rogue items are trapped in the invisible jail u_u

    • Im so excited!!! Thank y'all for keeping the site up and running for those of us whove stuck around over the years !!! I love this community and i cant wait for the events again ;w; )// ive been saving up my minipets for the tribute haha then i stopped playing diligently a bit and last year no events but eee!!! Thank yall sm . The rogues are cute are they skins? Also i like the rouge equipment its aesthetic hehe

    • RedlaSunShowers029 True. it's especially annoying when you realize that you can actually just obtain those items for way cheaper in different places. Enough is enough.

    • Please tell me those Fair Exchange items are obtained other ways… The “item inflated to millions” thing got old instantly. I’m not even really active anymore it’s just disheartening that’s still going on.

    • Whoo! Festivals and new items!

    • Not...crimes???

    • yess, I'll finally get to see what the village festivals are like! :D