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Deadly Rogues Spotted in Furvilla!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 7 Mar 2023, 3:12 pm


EEK! Who the heck are those rough looking villagers? They look dangerous.

Wanted for Crimes.

Deadly Rogues
These ruffians are the Deadly Rogues, and are featured in the new Level 20 battleground of the same name. In this battleground, you will find various rare items, as well as equipment these dodgy critters have modified for nefarious uses!


Don't forget! Warriors must be at least level 20 to access this new battleground.

New Stock in the "Fair" Exchange
Our dear friend, the Traveler, has acquired new stock to help mix up your battles.

Reforged with love.

Um... sorry about the prices. The Traveler claims he has "hyena bills".

Festival News!
We are planning to restart village festivals at the end of this month with the return of the Serpent Tribute! We just need a little bit more time to put the final touches on the event, and are so excited to bring the celebrations back to Furvilla. The Serpent demands tribute!

Enjoy the fight!
- Aspen -

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    • Will you send out an email for the start of the event? It seems like as good a time as any to get ppl coming back

    • 7758-scroll-of-draining.png Scroll of Draining stats

      【Life Drain (Spell)】
      Deal 500 dark damage to your opponent, and restore 500 (scaling) life to yourself; this healing is applied regardless if damage is dealt.

    • All the new gear look sick! Thanks Aspen!

    • Deadly Quarterstaff x1
      Limited Equipment Loot

      Grade: 100%
      Slot: Weapon
      Min Level: 20
      Skill: Deadly Bash
      Stats: Strength +3 Endurance +1

    • Boots of Deadly Speed

      Boots of Deadly Speed x1
      Limited Equipment Loot

      Grade: 106%
      Slot: Utility
      Min Level: 20
      Stats: Agility +3 Speed +21

    • That sassy looking unicorn is everything

    • is it ganna sty forever