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Year of the Dragon!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 9 Feb 2024, 3:38 pm


Welcome to the year of the Dragon!

Please enjoy a gift from Furvilla, this pair of lucky (and a bit silly) Lunar Dragons! You will receive two pets using this code, plus a breeding potion, just in case you need to use it to obtain the pair you desire.

*Dragon laughter!*


Enjoy your new friends, and may they help guide you into a happy and lucky year ahead.

Red Envelopes

*More dragon laughter!*

Villagers of the Explorer career will randomly come across these lovely Year of the Dragon Red Envelopes while roaming Furvilla through February 29th, 2024.

Collecting envelopes? Don't forget to look for all previously released envelopes, as well as our new Dragon envelope in the Cottage Shoppe.

Happy Lunar New Year!
- Aspen -

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    • Lunar dragons... *raises a finger an starts ta say somethin' but as a wise lunar dragon in shapeshifted forms advises me...hehehhe this is pure pawsomeness, Thanks y'all fer doin' this *hugsya* {:)

    • Thank you kindly, and may this be a wonderful year for you!