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Congrats to Quetzal Palace!

Posted by Owner-Aspen on 10 Mar 2024, 12:04 am


Congratulations to Quetzal Palace for winning the Grande Tourney!

Your citizens have fought persistently and valiantly, and all of Furvilla extends their paws to you in celebration!

And the party lasted until dawn!

If you have participated in this year's Tourney, please make sure that you head on over to the Festival Shoppe to pick up your trophy!


Also, as a memento for the winners, all participants may pick up a free 2024 Tourney Champion Pennant souvenir in the shoppe as well.


Please pick up your trophy and souvenir before the shop closes next weekend. Also make sure to spend any remaining shoppe points before then as well. Remember, you may keep coins until next year, but any unspent points will expire at the end of the event.

If you have been using the blessed Grande Melee weapons, you will notice they have now gone to sleep until next year, when they will again awaken once again to fight! Any leftover chests will not be able to be opened until next year. The redemption code is now inactive.

Nighty- nite!

To all who participated in the Grande Tourney, thank you.

- Aspen -

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    • If ANYONE can help that would be appreciated hah, I'm new here! For the Grand tourney chest is equipment you open going to remain dormant until next tourney or is it usable? Im in desperate need of good equipment for my warrior LOL

    • Congrats QP an thanks again ta the Furvilla staff fer hostin' another great Grand Tourney! *hugs* {:)

    • Congrats Quetzal Palace!
      It was a ton of fun this year. Thanks to everyone that made it possible.
      And a big thanks to the Mod that doubled the stats on the Blessed equipment.