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Fursuit Head Giveaway

Posted by Admin-Mat on 8 Jul 2016, 12:47 pm


You've been amazing to us. The amount of feedback you've provided us on our game, and the amount of support, has exceeded our wildest dreams. Because of you, we're watching the game become better and more solid with every passing day. The changes we've made have been because of your suggestions and thoughtful care for Furvilla! As a result, we want to give something back - a chance to win a custom fursuit head from Dandylions LLC!

Enter the Giveaway Here

Dandylions LLC is an amazing fursuit making company that creates realistic and toony heads. They do a fantastic job at airbrushing and can do anything from moving jaws to LED eyes! We are so excited to offer this prize to you as a THANK YOU for your dedication to Furvilla.

Please be sure to read the full Terms & Conditions of the giveaway before submitting your entry, but to summarize some important parts: 1) No purchase necessary, 2) You do not have to be a member of Furvilla to enter or win, 3) Valid for US and Canadian residents only (sorry friends, it isn't legal for us to offer it outside these counties as we can't verify other countries' laws) and VOID WHERE PROHIBITED, 4) You must be 18 or older to enter 5) The countdown on the page shows the end date, 6) Winner will be selected at random on the Rafflecopter website, 7) Value of prize, a fursuit head commission, is $800.

Thank you for all your support!

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    • PeackoThePeacock
      You don't pay anything - it's a giveaway :)
      $800 is what the prize is worth. So if you were to commission the artist for a fursuit head you'd pay $800. But as it's a giveaway, no purchase is necessary here on your behalf

    • If your under 18, can you get a parent's permission to enter?

    • Do you pay 800$ for it or is it free? Because it says giveaway but below it says value is 800$. Someone please help me I am totally confused. :(

    • Ichimatsu Of course I will! ^^
      Thank you~

    • I think there is some confusion. Yes, before this morning you could indeed use the villager display order option on the edit profile page to change the order of the villagers on the sidebar. However, now you no longer can. Now the order is alphabetical. I dislike this change. I want the option to reorder the list myself that we once had. And believe me when I saw someone saying you could use the edit profile trick I went back to recheck. It no longer works. In short not all changes are good.

    • @CerberusSoul No problem. Let me know if you ever need help or advice.

    • Ichimatsu Ah, I see. Well I guess I'll get to saving like mad then. Thanks for the advice, Ichi :)

    • Arazamatazza Just go get it back yourself.
      Click on their blacksmith badge and click complete and you will have it back.

    • OverTheWolf Thanks for the input! Once I get a moment I'll check if mine isn't the same way. Having one villager always on top and active kinda messes me up on ordering everyone else. Especially if you need to switch active villagers, it throws off the order.