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Community Features Open

Posted by Admin-Mat on 19 Jul 2016, 3:36 pm


The Community Features have been released again, meaning you can visit the Forums and Chatrooms freely now! In addition, we've added three new colors to our basic lineup -- Arctic Foxes, Grey Owls, and Vampire Bats. The original Arctic Fox in the game was a Marble Fox and has been updated to reflect that.

Also, please note the Changelog on the side of the News page. This lists all changes made to the game as they are made in real-time.

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    • Kinda liked the community features being down... Anyways, thank you for the updates!

    • Woooh, forums are back up!
      //tosses confetti//

    • Awesome!

    • Looking forward to roaming the forums and I'm excited to see vampire bats!

    • Loving the more villagers, now if only I could re-arrange them...

    • You added the ability to have more villagers, Praise the sun.

    • Yay the forums is back, time to party...oki maybe not.

    • Still waiting for a black cat..

    • Thanks for the forum update :D!
      Just a slight, perhaps greedy suggestion lol... If you moved the max villagers up to 15, the villagers page would look aesthetically pleasing with 5 rows of 3 villages each, instead of the random single villager at the bottom when you're at max. Profiles would still look pleasing since it's just another row of five villagers. I really wouldn't add any more villager slots after that though.