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User ID: #10075
Username: TheDappledDragon
Last Online: 15 Jul 2021, 12:15 am
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:15 pm

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Sorry if I completely disappear from a chat, I didn't mean to! If I don't reply to a ping in 48 hours, feel free to ping me again! I might not have seen it.

I have a Furry Amino page if you want to check it out. I do art. Mostly sketches.

Minipets to Breed Someday
303-rainbow-ray.png 1536-black-seapony.png 294-spotted-orca.png 319-island-turty.png 379-aurora-griff.png 383-multi-hydra.png 394-technicolor-serpent.png 459-icy-ferret.png 455-blue-doge.png 463-night-hare.png 1561-rainbow-pika.png 446-aurora-burr.png 478-aurora-whale.png 326-rainbow-butterfly.png 1558-dark-pearl-flishy.png 351-rainbow-peep.png 612-white-tipped-hummingbird.png 715-black-spiny-mouse.png

RIP beautiful Banana Moth
You will never be forgotten (ಥ﹏ಥ)

I put any/all artwork commissioned from this site in the about boxes of my villagers.

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    • is your favorite color teal/blue?

    • Honestly not too much.. Most of the supplies I had stockpiled over the last eight months.

    • lol Thank you

    • Omgosh that's very sweet of you ;u;

    • You can pronounce it how ever you like! I didn't think about how id pronounce it when i chose the name lolll

    • Thankies for the seeds! <3

  • Comment has been hidden

    • Thanks a ton ^_^

    • aaaa thank you so much! let me know if you ever need stuff from TEP!

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