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Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:04 pm

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Avatar drew by S4INTS

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    • Your painties are sick! Keep up the good work!

    • Do you by chance have any kind of custom adblock filter that might be messing up the forum posts? Do you run into the same problem on different browsers and devices like your phone?

    • your painties are AWESOME! :D

    • I'm glad you like them! The painties you make have always been gorgeous, so it's only fair that I give them a good home! A good few of them have become some of my favorite characters that I own on this site. In fact, if I can ever commission a reference sheet of Starscape Child, I'm thinking about making them my fursona!

    • no need to apologize! thats cool!

    • recently noticed that in your signature, it says english is not your native language
      your english is pretty good!!
      just wondering, what is your native language?

    • Heyyy, you changed your username! Took me a bit to realize it was you when I was looking through my pms and couldn't see your old username lol

    • thank you so much for the compliment on ልነየቿክ's profile! ♥

    • Warrior career is easy to learn when you figure out what the stats do and good combinations that work with the weapons you have on hand. With stats agility effects dodging/effects damage of some items, mitigation effects how much you can tank physical damage, speed is only used once at the beginning of he battle to determine who goes first every round, int effect healing/elemental damage, resistance effects how much the elemental attacks hurts you, endurance effects how much health you have and strength effects how much physical damage you do.

    • With alures flame it will show up as an effect below your health bar. The item is always active as a passive and doesn't need to be used to get the +7 int boost but it won't stack the int boost if you have more then 1 alures flame.

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