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User ID: #102581
Username: Emperors
Gender: Male
Last Online: 2 Sep 2019, 6:38 pm
Registered: 5 Aug 2017, 12:48 am

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    • That’s alright, I’ll just keep pelting you with sweets n-n

    • Did you know if you click repeatedly you can leave more than one Jack-O-Lantern in a single page refresh?? Super handy when you come across someone missing 20 or so punkins. This, however, does not work with candy :( back to the one by one dropping them candies on your head <3

    • Oh hey, I ran out of apples to throw.... *plink* ..... *plink* ..... *plink* (candy mints) I’m trying very hard to distract you at work, is it working??

    • *thump* .... *thump* ,,,, *thump* (candy apples)

    • Oh I am, thank you! Hey look I have more candies in my punkins.... I will drop them on you one at a time while yous trying to work =]

    • Mwuhahaha!! I don’t even know how much candy I just threw at you, I dumped my whole Jack-o-Lantern on you head!! XD

    • I’ll just bury you under a pile of candy real fast..... I’m ready to head back to Sornieth myself <3

    • It is kind of a weird holiday when you think about it, you just go along with it when you’re a kid though because CANDY!

    • You have to admit the head cannon makes all the clicking WORTH IT!!

    • Thank you for the Jack-o-Lanterns!! :D

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