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User ID: #105164
Username: SweetDreamStardust
Gender: Agender
Registered: 25 Sep 2017, 12:22 pm

Profile description

- Galaxy Costume
- Rainbow Sneep
- Skeleton Catbat
- Free Fairy
- Rainbow Pika
- Icy Ferret
- Rosy Seedling
- Sewn Manatee
- Brown Squirrel
- Rainbow Cloud Dragon
- Chocolate Bunnicake
- Pink Sphinx Cat
- Internet Beta Bug
- Virus Beta Bug
- Binary Beta Bug

Villagers 13

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    • Thank you for putting the ectoplasm in the giving tree! I'm sure all of us out there flooded with batbats appreciate it :>

    • Yeah, how about you send those via transfer and I'll call it good. :) It all doesn't quite add up to 29 FD. But *shrug* :) I could take any seeds at this point.

    • Hi
      I'm always up for negotiated depends on your offer And for Corgi plush I mostly interested in FC. Costumes also sound great for me too .

    • I just pulled the plushie from my shop. It was set at 29 FD. I would be more than willing to accept any combo of the following for it: Rare seeds (the ones that say they are worth 50FC ea when you click on them.), any and all wood slabs, FD and Warrior Elixirs. Sound okay? :)

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