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User ID: #110549
Username: Artferdark
Gender: Male
Last Online: 13 Dec 2019, 9:39 pm
Registered: 27 Jan 2018, 8:10 am

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*on hiatus*

Hello my little shooting stars :3c

I'm Kiran!! I'm 18, I go by he/him pronouns, and I love doing art <3

Feel free to come talk to me at any time!! I love meeting new people. Also feel free to give me critiques on any of my art, I'm always looking to improve!! I wanna do art as a part time job someday n the future :3c

If you like my work and wish to support me, consider buying me a ko-fi! I'll draw you a random lil doodle if you'd like for it :3c

Other Social Media:
Instagram: Artferdark
FlightRising: Artferdark
DA: Artferdark

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    • Hi! I saw your art and I just wanted to say it's really cool!

    • Yes. Good name.

    • Heyoya there! Sorry for accidentally messaging you, but why not leave a permanent mark so you'll remember me?

    • *kicks leg up* Welcome to Furvilla >:333 Enjoy your stay in Furry Town

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