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User ID: #11063
Username: Kytheraen
Gender: Female
Last Online: 13 Sep 2020, 5:29 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 5:55 pm

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Hello :3 My name is Kyth, I'm 36 and from Scotland!

I am mainly interested in animal trades and breeding.

I often dump my excess pets in the Giving Tree.
Mostly common colours, but there's usually some uncommon or even rare colours in my batches.
Best of luck grabbing!

I am on the lookout for:
Animals to fill my menagerie. Males only.


Villagers 30

Comments 69

    • aah thank you! i try my best to be cute, i'm glad it's working :3

    • Haha, wellll what can I say? I need ALL the black wuffs ;3 I'll get a moonlit wuff someday :'D

    • You are welcome, I love these little winged kitties so naturally i had to! I also hope they bring me luck haha, enjoy the moneys and have a good day~ ^^

    • Your most welcome hope your able to get some goodies with the money. Also thanks for selling them (the catbat) I keep getting witchys and only found my first catbat the other day after consonantly searching on 4 villagers. Finally have enough to start breeding my own now now to try to get all the catbat colors *wiggle dance* They are my favorite species on site by art alone

      Sadly i dont have crocs or buns to offer to help you out on your own search but ill keep an eye out -^_^-

    • hey i have a golden chest if youd like to trade!

    • You aint got a single male catbat you dont want lyin around? :3 I can pay, of course, but hopefully not 2000 FD like the female haha

    • ^^

    • Thank you for your purchase.

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