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Username: Lottie
Gender: Female
Last Online: 19 Jun 2020, 8:14 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 6:12 pm

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✪ 〖 FurAffinity 〗〖 I also play on Furcaida! 〗 ✪

Ello lovies!
I'm a Dodo Bird by the name of Lottie.
Not much to say about myself aside from the fact I'm currently going for a degree in animal medicine and my current occupation is a jack-of-all-trades at an animal shelter. I've been a furry since I was in elementary school (before I even knew was a furry was) and grew up with my childhood friend who is also a furry and a very talented artist. There is not much else to me, but I've been told my personality is friendly, yet blunt and straightforward, with my humor mainly being comprised of witty/sarcastic similes. I have this love to complain and be a critic towards *everything* I watch... not sure why, I just always have an opinion or something to say!

For as long as I could remember, I've always been very clumsy and hurt myself often. Since there has been a stigma with Dodos being 'stupid' or 'clumsy', I had people start calling me things like The Last Dodo Bird, or just Dodo. Sometimes whenever I would have my moments, they would say "You're so Dodo." Since then it has simply become a part of me that I can't see my fursona as anything but a Dodo Bird because it's so... well ME!

❀ PASTEL ❀ Furries ❀ Fursuits ❀ DIY projects ❀ Natural products ❀ Corny romance ❀ Disney movies ❀ Nature ❀ Magick ❀ Fine arts ❀ Tarot cards ❀ Palm reading ❀ Yoga ❀ Veggies ❀ Horror movies ❀ Flip Phones ❀ Slider Phones ❀ Music (various) ❀ FERRETS ❀ BIRDS ❀ Harry Potter ❀ Magic the Gathering ❀ Deadpool ❀ Comics ❀

Feel free to talk to me about anything! I'm always here. <3

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    • Ah! So cute <3 I love the anthro swan you did.

    • I've never seen a dodo bird furry! It's always awesome seeing awesome species like that! Mind if I send a friend request?

    • Yeah, and I'll try collect extras for you just in case! Ooh, you draw too? ^o^ I'd love to see some of your art sometime! (I mean, if you're comfortable sharing ofc) ;w; I hope you manage to get your art program back. What do you use? I just use MS Paint and GIMP. xD;

    • Right? <33
      oh, and idk if you knew about the plushies during the festivals, but they changed some villagers appearances! the snow festival ones are here and the serpent festival ones are here! If I knew you missed out at the time I'd have kept some to give them to you ;A; but I gave out my spares awhile ago T^T;;

    • waaah ikr!? ;w; snekbebe ... the super rare one is so precious!! I wish I'd managed to get one </3

    • You could swap them for gala points, which you could spend at the gala on more cloud pets, serpent festival furniture, serpent eggs (which hatched into feathered serpent minipets - I think I have a spare common actually if you want it) and serpent festival magical plushies (I could only get two of those ;w;) and I think that was it.

    • Yeah, that's the one! and he gave us cloud pets, serpent feathers and weapons. owo I only got one of the weapons because I didn't have many weapons to give him ... sobs
      but I got loadsa cloud pets!! and a few feathers too ^_^

    • Yeah, cloud pets are from the serpents festival. I haven't got any snow pets cause I gave em all to the serpent, but I have some other pets you may have missed! They're sterile now but idk if you collect them or whatever, I like to hold onto them just in case, or stuff them into my menagerie. >w< the bunicakes are breedable tho so I sent one of each. :3

    • Which events did you miss? Maybe I can provide some items I got left over from them ^_^ I got some cute cloud pets if you want em!

    • All good, thanks! Still slowly working on growing my sub-village's population. >w<

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