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User ID: #117373
Username: shadowkat1
Gender: Female
Last Online: 16 Oct 2021, 6:40 pm
Registered: 8 Jul 2018, 12:30 pm

Profile description

hey there! im shadowkat!

about me
im 15
i use she/her pronouns

i am christian

i absolutly hate horror and suspense movies =-= i am way to jumpy for that kind of stuff

i do suffer from ADD so i am so, so , so sorry if i sqirrel off

i was formarly the cheetah fairy, but i outgrew the name and am a new annon fairy ^-^
places you can find me ! (will hyperlink later)
(will add a resite.link later for other sites im active on))
and eggcave (not that active on there)

you know what... here's my resite.link.... boom. all the places im at in one website.

work on shadowstorm (novel)
create BNHA villain
finish kage's hero costume
create teen titan next gen oc
finish designing nix

this is still a WIP and will be for a while, please do be paitent XD

my wishlist!

y7s5oh33 stamp by snowflakeartist

MODS: i have a personal computer at home and also a school-issued one (as well as a macbook im saving up for ), im not sharing an account but i may login from different devices

oh gosh.... my profile is like so messy and old and *holds up construction stuff* TIME TO REDO ALL THIS FROM 2 YEARS AGO.... good grief i was so young

profile template by alxq and edited by me

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    • ackkkkk-

      sorrysorrysorry i didnt know you wanted himb ;w;

    • screeeeeeeeeee its fine tho

      plus i want a new malibat oc thats more accurate to what we have now as far as the species .w.

    • because i wanted to remake him and i needed a paintie ticket and a shifty potion


      he'll be back in a bit

    • They're a good birdie bunch! 'v'

    • Yes! Plagg is bestest boy

    • What? That's stupid! I said that my paintie for my Malibat is pending :D

    • Alright! That's wonderful! Would you like me to shoot a message over to Rotsuoy to see if they can get you a banner; perhaps you would like to do that yourself, or you'll make your own banner. I don't know, I'm just offering.

    • Why hello! It looks like you might be setting up a shop for OD? If so, are you planning to move villages? You appear to reside in TEP currently. (I apologize if I'm completly wrong here)

    • OH wait gosh are you the Shadow Fairy?

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