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User ID: #121741
Username: Gummydoodles
Gender: Non-Binary: He/They
Registered: 16 Oct 2018, 1:21 pm

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✨ Loyal Furvillain ✨

You see an ornate crystal-accented caravan pulled by two Stardust Uni passing through Quetzal Palace. Many villagers are working as a team to gather native seeds and materials, stuffing the items in iridescent jars as the caravan moves onward to other lands. The villagers notice you and wave a polite hello!

An otherworldly trade caravan adorned with colored glass and crystals wanders throughout the Known World, never truly tied to one place for very long. The travelers that inhabit it have few similarities with each other aside from their unanimous thirst for adventure. Each member is a self-proclaimed adventurer that joined the caravan when it passed through their village boasting stories of their journeys. As time passed, more and more villagers joined the caravan one by one, longing for adventure and purpose in the natural world.

If I am in a village that you need shop/battleground/explore items from, let me know and I can grab them for you within reason!

(Eternally Seeking Wishlist)
Chocolate Candycorn
Sky Rocks / Super Sky Rocks
Warrior Elixir
Breeding Potions
Seeds & Wood

(Collection Wishlist)

(Long-Term Goalz)
~ Paintie for each of my OCs
~ Matching Custom CSS for User Profile and Villager Pages
~ 30 Total Active Worker Slots
~ At least one "Maxed" Villager per Career
~ 1 of every default/costume/recolor villager color
~ Full Collections (1/7)
~ One of every Equipment Piece
~ Perfect *chef's kiss* Keepsake/Outfit/Minipet combo for Paintied Villagers
~ Give Gummi Glitterosclerosis Illness

** Making a checklist of stuff I have for funsies! **

Villagers 14

Comments 43

    • Fantastic~ Thanks so much! Take all of the time you need, and excited to see what you come up with~ X3

    • No worries~! It happens to the best of us XD But it's first for you, and whatever else then for the pool~ I mostly want to make sure you're paid well for the art, as it's a great style and I've loved everything I've seen come out so far. So if you want to do two pieces for me, I won't complain one bit. Otherwise, I'll be thrilled to have the one "Soon to be ych" piece~!

    • I know, right? Utterly crazy! Finding out the ending was what got me into the game in the first place! (Huge medical nerd, things like what went down are cool to me)

    • It may look cute but please mentally prepare yourself because you will need it. How far into the game are you, if I may ask?

    • Holy heck I just now saw you like Bugsnax can we be friends-

    • Awh it's no problem at all! Glad I could help out, haha. Have a lovely rest of your weekend! o/

    • do you want me to keep the trade in limbo until it's time? or accept now? I don't know what your inventory space situation is like.

    • I'd prefer art of Lop! tyty
      I will pm you a wip when I get started nwn

    • Oh yes! I'd be down for that :D
      You're free to choose any of my villagers with a th link in their bio or anyone [url=https://toyhou.se/fauxxcrow/characters/folder:1352470]here[/url] :3c

    • Makes sense to me! I think it's like... an extra 18 stickers I could do, some ones I already donated and some I did not, just so you're aware! (Like, almost one of every Halloween sticker, minus a couple I intend to use myself eventually)

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