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Username: dracoon
Gender: Poliwag
Last Online: 21 Jun 2020, 9:37 pm
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 6:55 pm

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All you gotta know is that I really like Beast Costumes.

The village of Neugdae is rather, a wandering caravan, helmed by Inyoung and her wife Yoori, along with a bunch of ragtag characters they often pick up along the way. They don't seem to have a destination or permanent place they stay in, but often are seen around Dragonsmaw Manor, trading plants and rare wares to make ends meet. Accompanying them is also a cute tadpole, which they aren't quite sure why is around but keep it anyway.


By jakdacrowe

Also the same dracoon from the Flight Rising game, yes, that one. That obnoxious tadpole prick.

If you need to know how my life is like, please scroll down a little:


Villagers 13

Comments 14

    • Ultimate Tadpole. Best username btw.

    • hoe if u thought I'd have it any other way, our friendship is over </3

    • not my fault you don't stalk my online activities. i hope you're ready to throw down, because we're meeting in the fuckin pit

    • u didn't tell me u were in furry hell too u undercooked frog

    • 嘿嘿嘿!:3

    • 喔,你就是那个‘嘿嘿嘿’!

    • No problem, and glad you got some stuff!

    • yes it is! ^^ though i don't play much, just as something to pass time during rollover because it gets so boring -_-;
      i love your villagers! espeially your tadpole, absolutely adorable !!

    • lmao yes that is me

    • No problem! As a hoarder of seeds, myself, I try to make a point to dump Tigereye's seeds in the tree from time to time for fellow seed hoarders. :) 'Glad they went to a good home!

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