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User ID: #127365
Username: Moobloom
Gender: Male
Last Online: 4 Jan 2024, 1:10 am
Registered: 7 Feb 2019, 2:36 pm

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    • i don't actually remember how much i had before event

    • this event has crazy amounts of choco candy corn got 19k already, about to send your way

    • how goes the choc corn collection?

    • so far, without crystals as i can never decide, it deals between 1,700- 6000 damage and applies chill and ignited and sometimes electrified/asunder to the enemy. pretty good and can be used 3 times

    • frick, i forgot to try it out yet. i'll have to give it to stephanie and see

    • hey, are you still interested in making a lance? i can start transferring chocolate candycorns i get while grinding abyss. i got 27 k on hand at the moment

    • ah! thanks much

    • ? what's the candycorn trade for?

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