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css credit - yours truly!
cody/evan - 14 - any pronouns - bi, female lean - i have an unhealthy obsession with gem raptors
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- bad news jitterbug#6416 on discord [pm me with the word "pastel" so i know ur not a random boi]
- i am making a webtoon called "niners", please check it out!

- warriors
- wings of fire
- art and animation
- snow leopards
- memes

- warriors
- wings of fire
- buzzfeed unsolved
- my hero academia
- httyd
- i am a furry!
- camp camp

long ago, when dragonsmaw manor first began to be built and towns formed around it, a rich and successful businessman began his own mansion, in the hopes of having as much profit and luck with it as dragonsmaw did. this village was called peregrine. he adopted and cared for three daughters, two of which were not interested in continuing the town's building because of other interests. the remaining one was a bear cub with a strange ability to enchant anything to do whatever she wanted, and this cub was fascinated with such an idea though, and her father left her most of his fortune and the deed to the expansive mansion. she proceeded to work on it with her magic for years to turn it into a large city where all creatures could live.
she made and hand-grew gardens full of various plants- one expansive garden was filled with the most nectar-rich plants possible, another with prehistoric plants, so on and so forth. great buildings were erected which on the outside seemed normal in architecture and size (for a large mansion on an even larger mansion's property), but on the inside were vast and greatly different. animals used to the tropics, and animals such as raptors, got their own mansions with humid environments made to fit the climate they were used to. arctic-dwellers got a mansion with snow and frost everywhere, and inner walls made of ice. there were more rooms and buildings than one could count, and each one had many balconies and terraces and pavilions, and hanging gardens enchanted to be able to grow anything no matter what, so that herbalists from the various mansions could grow plants native to their home biomes right next to things explorers found. over time haven and dragonsmaw manor became so large that they merged, and it was the best political idea ever.
the mayor of haven was able to use her abilities to advance and assist with almost all issues in dragonsmaw, and many villagers unable to adapt to a climate different from what they were evolved to handle moved into the various mansions in haven. haven received a surge of merchants and knowledge of economy and money, and stores and politics and just all they needed. while they're both still referred to as separate places, haven and dragonsmaw are vital to eachother's survival.
mayor - the mayor oversees everything. currently the mayor is winnipeg, the daughter of the original mayor with magic in her paws (this first mayor is also called the "founder" or the "creator"). winnipeg also has this magical power and has asked her doctors to look into it and see if it's genetic, as it could produce a hope for the future and also allow her to make sure this power has limits for the future just in case.

overseers - the mayor has several overseers at all times that manage different sections of haven. some of them oversee the selling centre, a large courtyard in the middle of the town-manor where all the merchants sell their goods. a few others oversee the gardens, mines, and other such places. the majority, however, oversee certain mansions in the town that are categorized a certain way. for example, pearlescent, a gem raptor overseer, keeps order in the jungle sector (rainforest mansion, prehistoric mansion, swamp mansion, etc) because she is from the prehistoric mansion and can take humidity and harsh weather very well, and her bright colors make her stand out amid the foilage so people can see and report to her or follow instructions from her easily.
council mansion - the mayor lives here, and so do overseers if they wish. it's actually one of the smaller mansions to show equality, but citizens have been very grateful to the founder and the mayor, and have painted and decorated the mansion so it stands out in almost every color of the rainbow. the rooms inside here are enchanted to change climate and temperature and even aesthetic depending on what the person inside thinks it should be like. many overseers choose to stay here because these rooms are not only a marvel to witness, but because they dont fear homesickness because of this enchantment (called the gift of diplomacy)
rainforest mansion - a mansion that on the outside is made of wood, greenery, and other things, with more hanging gardens than one can count and a multitude of glass or open skylights, rooms, and roofs. enchanted to slowly and carefully grow forever, and to grow a new room for every new guest and a new section of some kind every five new guests. the inside is enchanted to be a rainforest with sturdy branches on all trees. some trees are enchanted to create a dense canopy at different heights to create different levels for people to walk on, with lots of room for flight, running, and all other kinds of physical activity. it is also enchanted to have precipitation whose heaviness is based on the general mood of the mansion's residents- the happier or more content the residents are, the lighter the rain. (gift of opinion)
prehistoric mansion - the outside is made out of stone and trees much like the rainforest mansion, with the walls grown thickly over with greenery and foilage of both past and present. the inside is enchanted to also look similar to the rainforest mansion, but theres a lot more rock formations, rises, and just things with rocks in general, so that dinosaurs can use their claws for climbing, scratching, and running more freely without worrying about uprooting foilage or ruining the forest. hanging gardens are situated inside and outside, but the inside ones can be used so that dinosaurs more capable of flight or climbing can use them as nesting places and hatcheries, though many adults tend to sleep in the rooms still. there's towers and large rocks in every room so that roaring and climbing is always allowed. the fruit-bearing trees and plants are enchanted to always have enough food for everyone, and it's quite the spectacle to see slabs of meat grow off of tree branches (gift of sustenance). leaves and branches of these trees still behave like real trees, and so in several community gardens throughout the manor bits of these trees have been planted and grown carefully so that carnivores and herbivores have all they need. the meat and fruit are only a few basic types, however, to promote and encourage people to still buy specific or exotic foods from merchants and cooks.

avian mansion or the "aviary" - a truly intriguing mansion, made of incredibly strong glass enchanted to not break, framed in gold. the ceiling is made of a leaf canopy with a large skylight in the middle. the inside is enchanted to be much more vast than how it looks on the outside, and it's walls reach up for miles and miles. there's bright lanterns, and trees to perch on everywhere, with branch walkways and bridges for land-dwellers who visit the mansion. there's doorways high up so residents can easily fly in and out each tree has a large doorway in the trunk at each branch, and is enchanted to have a large room for each resident. only the residents and guests who they allow in may enter and there is a different gemstone or flower that is above each door for differentiation. (gift of residency). on the ground are deep tunnelways that have large, ornate caverns adorned with treasure. dragons stay down here. the gift of sustenance's trees have also been planted in this mansion, and these caverns also have the gift of residency. the tunnels are expansive, but saying your name will transport you directly to your cavern, and knocking on your cavern wall three times transports you back to the tunnel entrance. this is another part of the gift of residency.
tundra mansion - a mansion made of ice and frost walls, with purple flowers growing here and there. the inside is possibly one of the most carefully-made. ice floes and bergs and small, frigid pools of water here and there. it's mostly solid ground with snow and ice, though, just the way many residents like it. there's more different kinds of homes than can be counted, to suit everyone's tastes. this mansion has small pillarst so that when the mansion has it's months of darkness they grow branches and orbs of light, which one can pluck an orb from at any time to illuminate their way. this orb follow them over their shoulder until they tap it twice, in which it will fade away. the pillars constantly grow more. (gift of illumination).

there's many more for every biome and lifestyle, but these cover some of the most important ones.

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