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User ID: #138676
Username: Freeza
Registered: 28 Jun 2019, 6:32 pm

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Not Freeza-kin or anything like that I just really like the character
I also don't RP

Yo, I'm Django (sometimes also known as Locust)

Little bit about me -
Fluent in Japanese, and I'm ok at speaking/writing English, I want to learn more languages

I'm an exotic animal keeper, I mainly specialize in reptiles and inverts, though I do have some other species
I like drawing when I have the time, right now I find myself doing a lot of gouache painting - it's a ton of fun

Main Fandoms:
Kengan Ashura, Kengan Omega, Baki, Akira, Fist of the North Star, Dragon Ball

I don't enjoy speaking English much, so I'm not super active on the FV discord/forum
My PMs are open for art commission related subjects, for anything else - only PM me if it's vital, please

Current state of being, at all times

Don't tell me I spelled my username wrong, Freeza is the correct way to spell that characters name
Don't be annoying

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    • Thankyou so much!! That's super useful ;w; ♡

    • I love your username!!

    • henlo furriend :3c

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