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Username: SpiritualCramp
Gender: Male
Registered: 28 Jun 2019, 6:32 pm

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I've got a spiritual cramp going for my ribs


Yo, I'm Nico (sometimes also known as Locust)

Little bit about me -

I'm an exotic animal keeper, I mainly specialize in reptiles and inverts, though I do have some other species
I like drawing when I have the time, right now I find myself doing a lot of vintage style illustrations with half tones - it’s a lot of fun

Rozz Williams era Christian Death/Rozz Williams in general, Shadow Project, 45 Grave, Misfits, Danzig, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Samhain, Nick Cave …
I mainly listen to the deathrock, goth rock, post-punk, psychobilly/rockabilly genres but I give any style a chance, I love finding new music

Music is really important to me!


November 6th, 1963 - April 1st 1998

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    • No problem! ^^

    • Hahah! Thanks! I see that you too have great taste in music! :)

    • Thankyou so much!! That's super useful ;w; ♡

    • I love your username!!

    • henlo furriend :3c

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