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User ID: #14322
Username: Tebbit
Gender: Non-Binary
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 8:34 pm

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I quit the game :Oc

Villagers 13

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    • hEY it's Rolyo or that kid from like 30 years ago who wears glasses now
      I've found your Furvilla
      Originally I was trying to figure out when your birthday was... I checked everyplace except for your playercard, where it actually was.... bUT I FOUND YOUR FURVILLA
      thumbs up

    • Hey-o thanks for selling it! Haha. :)

    • Nope, I had to up it to three (3) chili peppers. I'm just kidding : P

    • Nope, looks like Fel got it! (which is fine, I found a cheaper way to get FD hurhur) but man if this isn't some weird AF forum etiquette going. (But then again, I come from flight rising and another game before that so maybe I have weird standards). Anyways, good luck getting your FD!

    • Yeah I learned that the hard way (the 60 second rule) which is bleah but it works. I wonder if the OP will keep it going though since there seems to be interest?

    • I had to delete her so i could make an explorer but I'm gonna remake her in a sec

    • also i'm coming home soon i'm sos sososoosos sorry for not answering kik or telling anything about being gone

    • how the fuck did you get so many villagers. how do you get money, how

    • not sure if you can change your icon while forums are down, since you have to change your icon through forum settings

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