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Username: uropygid
Gender: Male
Registered: 1 Jul 2016, 12:14 pm

Profile description

you can call me max or uropygid! he/him or they/them.

i am the lenny fairy. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

if you see the sn uropygid anywhere else online, that'd be me. i'm old (over 25yo) and also a huge nerd. i live with my lovely partner Khirsah .
i am a bit shy about talking to people, but friend requests are welcome!

ask me about rocks

Paintie Resource Database
paintie sales thread (currently selling premades only)

art tumblr (may contain NSFW) | flight rising

credits: Floofmaster for forum icon
Th15sle for fairy icon in forum sig
Kiwiggle for fairy art in profile
Atrocityland for tiling tentacle bg

notes: waiting on art from Ratvork
paintie4art trade w sawawa
paintie exchange (received assignment)

goals: spooky costume x1, piles of shifty potions, about 6 more houses at least
painties for: Shura, uropygid (also: Bloody, Scoot, Qiung Ren)
make my profile look good

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    • your forum signature is trippy, I love it

    • hahah sorry late reply! had work the last two days :')
      i would love love love to see zachs sketches too omg
      the 'behind the scenes' doodles are always my favs!

      yeah tho! no idea how he would print lycosa aside from putting annotations beside the panels
      lycosa was such a cool multimedia work, reminds me of some of the stuff homestuck did!
      (the animated factures were so cool, deffo some of lycosas best surprises)

    • your painties are awesome~!!

    • oh hello there! haha thank you so much ;w;
      really love your painties, really awesome work!!! :D

    • thank u so much!!!!!!!! <33

    • I did that button myself O: Took a whole day to figure it out, but I eventually got it

    • Aaa, thank you! My friend just finished coding my profile for me a few days ago and I'm so pleased with it :'D

    • thats adorable omg? does he do that with all the books he ships?
      Ive never had the $$$ available when he prints new books hahah I hope he does a collection bundle one day too. Solar System in print?? imagine the posters that could come with that dude omgg
      Gotta say though, Syconium is his best narrative work yet imo. The mystery elements are hella real and im really digging Fig's journey

    • ahh jealous??! I love Zach's work so much hahah
      and yeah man, no worries! i never expected to find another nofna fan here of all places this is awesome B)

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