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Hello! I'm Paxy. I love reading and drawing, and I'm a huge fan of Classic Doctor Who, accurate dinosaurs (+ other extinct animals like synapsids!), griffins, Pokemon, and vibrant colors. Feel free to drop a line if you want to chat!
Please keep in mind that, there is one thing i believe very strongly. I believe that no artist should ever make a profit on telling other artists not to make art. Full stop. No exceptions.
It is one thing to tell someone else not to make a profit off of it as well, or to make certain changes so long as the concept is highly unique and developed, but never to tell them not to make it. It is because of this that I find the concept of selling designs so that they may only be reproduced in an aspect when it benefits the buyer a form of preemptive art theft from the entirety of society.
Just because something is legal, just because something is lucrative, just because something is popular, does not make it right.

I survived the hackening. w0dJAdY.png

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    • omg theyll be so adorable as a paintie! i have a deinonychus oc but theyre super anatomically inaccurate so theyre not allowed to see daylight lol

    • your avatar icon thingy is so cute! i love them :3

    • I RETURN!

    • Thank you so much for the gift!

  • Comment has been hidden

    • You're cool!!

    • Hullos. Yus I am. :3

    • AHHHHH MAN i love your sig and avatar! it's nice to see another doctor who fan, especially a fan of the older stuff too!

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